Malaysia Property Investment Seminar in Johor Bahru – MAGIC

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Malaysia Property Investment Seminar in Johor Bahru – MAGIC

Magic - Malaysia Property Investment in Johor Bahru

Weakens of Malaysia Ringgit against USD, unstable political situation, implementation of GST,unemployment rate of 3.1% as of June 2015 ; this is the mere truth of current Malaysia outlook.

Even with all this disadvantages in the current market, our speaker, Mr Steven Tan successfully accumulated properties of more than 149 and still growing! The key point to his success is – LEVERAGE.

Scenario 1
A young working adult of age 25 with monthly income of RM2500 who has loan ability but not enough cash to even pay the 10% upfront for a property of value RM 350k. Hence, the eagerness to own a property is indeed opaque. Not to mention, the burden of lengthy repayment loan period and the high living cost especially in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Scenario 2
A retiree of age 65 with a positive financial condition that able to pay the property downpayment but unable to borrow loan from the bank due to age limit and also adjusting themselves to the rising living standard and setting money aside for any contingencies such as health issue.

The above two scenario precisely reflect that buying a property now is not just about signing the legal documents, but you need to be financially prepared (downpayment, loan interest rates, stamp duty, legal fees and many more) and do it with a sense of prudence.

Our speaker, Mr Steven Tan has developed a formula known as M.A.G.I.C (MasteryAsia Group-Buy Investors Club) that provide the perfect solution for the above obstacles. The proven formula maximize the art of leveraging in property investment that not only helped him but also other wannabe property investors especially Gen Y.

If you want to start to own a property and become the next property millionaire, the first step to do is to make yourself available and join our live session to discover this M.A.G.I.C Formula and engage it in your property investment.


Malaysia Property Investment Seminar in Johor Bahru – MAGIC

Date : 08.12.15 (Tuesday)
Time : 7.30pm – 9.30pm (Registration starts at 7 pm)
Venue : Hibiscus Room, Thistle Hotel, JB
Address : Jalan Sungai Chat, 80100 Johor
Normal Investment : RM 78/pax ( First 80 registrations are COMPLIMENTARY)





4 Important Points You’ll Learn from the Live Seminar!
-How to buy with little or No Money Down
-Secrets to Financial Leveraging – The Key to Wealth
-The Power and Advantages of Group Buy
-Smart and Proven Property Investment Strategies


Becoming a property millionaire doesn’t have to be just a dream. You can turn it into a reality even before you reach 30 years old. Don’t let doubts and excuses hinder you from achieving what others have accomplished.